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ESCO Voices Contest

Who said doctors can't be good cancer writers?

Are you willing to publish a short article in Cancerworld magazine?

ESCO together with Cancerworld magazine is giving  members and faculty of the college the chance to voice their views and perspectives on certain topics related to oncology via its writing contest.

We are looking for clear and concise views from oncology professionals on topics facing them today along with evidence that they can explore these issues and show how they have a significant impact on cancer patients.


The aim of this contest is to stimulate discussion and give insight into the personal, regional and national situations of modern day life in the oncology profession. It also aims to give ESCO members a place to express their own ideas and solutions to the issues affecting their profession and showcase some of the potential leaders appearing in the oncology field.

For each competition, we are inviting ESCO members to submit a story proposal based on a given topic. We are not looking for you to write an article, yet!

The topic for the first contest is: Artificial Intelligence in oncology. Strengths and weaknesses of an indispensable tool

If you are interested in some background material on AI before submitting your Story Proposal, please check out the educational material available on SPCC's e-learning platform - Oncocorner

The proposal should be no-more than 300 words. It should briefly outline your feelings on the topic above, what is your experience and do you have any suggestions for improvement. Although the proposal isn’t an article, you should aim to demonstrate that you can express your views in a clear and concise way in the form of a story proposal. A list of bullet points will not be considered. 

How will story proposals be selected?

Story proposals will be evaluated by a representative from ESO and SPCC. The criteria for selection will be:

  1. Strength of the perspective
  2. The quality of the applicant’s proposal, demonstrated by the way they show their perspective in 300 words
  3. Evidence that the applicant is able to create a story and coherently express their views on the given topic.

What happens after the proposals have been selected?

Members will be informed if their proposal has been selected or not. Successful entries will be invited to go ahead and write the final article. The final articles should be no more than 1000 words. Members do not need to worry about their English, as ‘Bad English’ is the official language of the school. The finished articles will need to be submitted by a deadline and they will be edited by the CancerWorld team. The final edited articles will be published in the ‘ESCO Corner’ on the CancerWorld website, they will also be promoted via our newsletters and social media channels.  

Who can apply?

The Award is open to ALL ESCO Members and ESCO Faculty/Senior Faculty Members.

What do winners receive?

  • Your article published in CancerWorld magazine.
  • A prize of €300 (gross) for each published article.

Applications are now open and can be made by downloading and completing the story proposal template and entering it via the Apply Now button below. 

The closing date to send your story proposal has passed, results will be announced shortly.

Procedure and rules

  • The competition is only open to ESCO members and ESCO Faculty members.
  • Proposals must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.
  • In submitting a story proposal you agree to producing the final article, if selected.
  • Entries do not need to be in perfect English.
  • Entries will be evaluated by a representative from the European School of Oncology and a representative from SPCC.
  • All submissions will receive an email informing them whether they have been selected or not.
  • Selected entries will be given 1 month to write their final article.
  • Final articles must be submitted by the deadline which will be communicated in the acceptance email.
  • Final articles must include a list of sources that have been used.
  • Final articles will be edited by the CancerWorld team before being published online.
  • Winners will agree to have their photo published alongside their article.
  • Winners will receive their prize money once they have submitted their final article.

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