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ESCO Event Support

As ESCO members develop their careers we have noticed that some are becoming involved in organizing educational activities in their own countries. It is great to see this happening and we would like to encourage this career step and the dissemination of knowledge to others as much as possible.

ESCO members who are involved in educational activities can apply for the label ‘Supported by ESCO’. By receiving this label ESCO will support the activity by helping to promote it via the College.  

What would qualify?

  • Webinar
  • Workshop
  • Course
  • Event
  • Conference


  • An ESCO member must be involved in the core scientific committee or organization committee of the event
  • The event must be of relevance to the oncology community and meet an educational need
  • The programme should be independent and unbiased
  • The event should not be mono-sponsored and is not a commercially focused event


If the event is accepted, support is undertaken on the following terms:

  • ESCO is under no financial obligation
  • ESCO will list the event on its website with links to details of the event or to the appropriate website
  • ESCO will include a listing of the event (once) in its monthly newsletter
  • ESCO will promote the event via social media by reposting promotions done by the organizer. ESCO will not produce its own social media posts for the event. Event promotions should therefore include the @ESOncology in the social media posts.

The Event Organiser will agree to the following:

  • Display ESCO’s logo on all publicity relating to the event
  • Display ESCO’s logo and a link to the website (esco.org) on the event web page (if applicable).
  • Include the wording “supported by ESCO” in descriptions of the event, in published literature, on the website and in electronic communications
  • Offer a reduced/free registration to a defined number of ESCO members

Those interested in receiving the ESCO label should complete the application form and return it to college@eso.net

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