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ESCO Faculty

ESCO extends thanks to our dedicated ESO and e-ESO faculty members. Some members of the ESO Faculty have taken part in more than 50 ESO events over the years. In recognition of their continued commitment and inspiration, these members of the ESO and e-ESO Faculty will become members of the Honorary Faculty of ESCO.

The ESCO Faculty comprises:

ESCO Faculty Faculty members who have taken part in 5‒19 ESO events or e-ESO sessions
ESCO Senior Faculty Faculty members who have taken part in 20+ events or e-ESO sessions.

There is no fee linked to becoming part of the ESCO Faculty, the position is honorary. All ESCO Faculty will be contacted and informed about the position.

ESCO Faculty Benefits
A dedicated set of benefits is available for ESCO Faculty members, these include:

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