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Improving cancer outcomes and leadership course: an ESO, ECO, SPCC European initiative

ESCO Graduates are given priority and encouraged to attend this course.

The ESO, ECO and SPCC Improving Outcomes and Leadership course is aimed at helping to tackle the difficult challenge of inequalities in cancer outcomes across Europe.

This training programme will provide mid-career cancer healthcare professionals (of all disciplines), industry professionals, patient advocates and those working in regulatory bodies with the expertise required to develop strategic plans, support and collaborate in relevant applied health research, develop implementation approaches and the skillset to support change management within their countries and regions, in order to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.

The Training Programme will be developed in close collaboration with patients and patient advocates to ensure that we retain a patient-centred approach. The Training Programme will address overarching issues including early diagnosis, specialised multidisciplinary care, patient-centred approaches, integrated care and the systematic use of existing knowledge. It will engender within participants a clear recognition of the importance of Research and Innovation and clinical trials to 21st century patient care

It is intended that the participants of this course will represent many European countries and that they will remain in contact and develop a network for shared approaches and best practice.
Participants will be asked to share examples showing initiatives and challenges to improve clinical practice in their countries during the course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build the skills and train individuals to work to improve cancer patient outcomes
  • Share examples of best practice across Europe
  • Create a network of trained individuals who will continue to work together to improve cancer patient outcomes
  • Allow trainees to work together with senior colleagues and European advisors to develop country-specific proposals for improving outcomes

Main Topics:

  • The European Code of Cancer Practice
  • Strategic healthcare improvement skills
  • Awareness and implementation of good practice
  • Innovation based on sound evidence and the appropriate interpretation of RCT data
  • Change management skills

Details on the next edition of this course will be published shortly.

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