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Career advice via Mentorship programme

To access this programme you need to be enroled in ESCO and have reached the Fellow or Graduate level.

Only ESCO Fellows and Graduates can request a Mentorship.

The ESCO Mentorship programme will pair ESCO Fellows and Graduates with an ESCO Mentor. Mentors provide career guidance ranging from how to apply/prepare for a new position or how best to cope with burnout. At their discretion, mentors may also help mentees with the following:

  • How to be successfully involved in translational or clinical research
  • How to write a research grant
  • How to reach a clinical or research fellowship
  • How to analyse research data
  • How to write and publish an article
  • How to evaluate and select cancer journals
  • How to prepare and present an oral presentation
  • How to evaluate and assess authors' impact metrics (citations, h-index, etc)
  • How to successfully claim a Master or a PhD programme
  • How to select and apply to high calibre training centres
  • How to succeed to the National or ESMO examination/boards
  • How to cope with burnout problems
  • How to build up good relationships with the Head of the Department and with other colleagues

ESCO Mentors are a dedicated group of ESCO Faculty who have agreed to mentor selected ESCO members.

Mentors and Mentees are paired together for a year. The partnership works on a virtual capacity, with at least two mandatory telephone conversations and contact via email. A face to face meeting can be arranged if it is of interest to both parties. Natural opportunities for a meeting may arise, for example, if both attend the same congress at the same time.

We will try our best to match each member with the mentor of their choice but it cannot be guaranteed. 

Details of mentors and mentees working together in 2021 can be found here


The deadline to apply for a Mentorships in 2022 will be 31 October 2021.
Applications will open shortly.

College enrolment/renewal must be carried out before the application deadline in order to be considered for this benefit.


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