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e-ESO Team opportunity

e-Eso ESCO Graduates can apply to join the e-ESO Team.

ESCO Graduates are encouraged to grow their ESO experience and join the e-ESO Team.

e-ESO Team members help develop ESO’s e-learning programme and take part in e-Sessions as Speakers or Discussants. It is the first step to joining ESCO’s team of dedicated Faculty members.

Members of the e-ESO Team are active participants in e-ESO’s programme. They suggest topics, are invited to act as Speakers & Discussants, and help prepare test questions for sessions that are CME accredited.

Interested ESCO Graduates should send us their CV and a letter of request giving details of their specialization area and how they can help the e-ESO team - college@eso.net

e-ESO team of ESCO Graduates

Congratulations to the following ESCO Graduates who have joined the e-ESO team.

Dr Nicola Rocco - Italy

Dr Vadim Lesan - Romania/Germany



Dr Narmin Talibova - Azerbaigian

Dr Assia Konsoulova - Bulgaria

Dr Simona Volovat - Romania

Dr Ana Tecic Vuger - Croatia

Dr Mohamed Emam Sobeih - Egypt

Dr Hongcheng Zhu - China


Dr Riham AbdelAziz - Egypt

Dr Deniz Can Güven - Turkey


Dr Dorota Kwapisz - Poland



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