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Molecular Oncology Master

ESCO is very pleased to announce this opportunity for a partial scholarship to take part in the Molecular Oncology Master organised by Centre di Estudios Biosanitoriso (CEB).

If any ESCO members apply for this opportunity please inform us at college@eso.net so that we can highlight your application to the organisers.







Centro de Estudios Biosanitarios (CEB)
Bioscience Studies Centre

Master in Molecular Oncology


We are glad to announce a new call for SCHOLARSHIPS for September 2022 intake of Molecular Oncology Master MOM. 

These scholarships of €1.800 to €3.600 are a merit based financial aid to cover the program cost (partial). Eligibility for this scholarship is based on academic and professional achievements. 

This is your chance to take the best Molecular Oncology Master in Europe with faculty of excellence from Harvard, MD Anderson, Vall d’Hebrón, CNIO, URJC among others. 

If you are interested, please complete and send your information before May 15th, following the link below. 

Get yours!

Why doing the Molecular Oncology Master MOM?
The Master will allow you to broaden and consolidate your knowledge with a cutting-edge training for oncology specialists in the twenty-first century. You will have access to basic knowledge about the origin and development of cancers, the methodology of basic research and clinical oncology, known patterns of phenotypic expression of tumors as well as other therapeutic approaches based on molecular pathways involved in carcinogenesis.

Nowadays, a clinical practice of excellence cannot be conceived without a profound knowledge of the molecular basis of the disease and without a proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment based on each patient molecular markers.

Our 16 years’ experience, a world-renowned faculty and the successful network of over 800 alumni backs our teaching quality. 

How is the program structured?
The course content is divided into 11 subjects intended to master the molecular basis of tumor disease from a multidisciplinary perspective:

  • Molecular Basis of cancer
  • Proto-oncogenes and oncogenes
  • Tumor suppressor genes
  • Cellular processes involved in carcinogenesis
  • Molecular Pathology techniques
  • Molecular Pathology in the clinic of solid tumors
  • Molecular Pathology in the clinic of hematological tumors
  • Methodology in clinical research in Oncology
  • Risk factors in neoplasias
  • Pharmacology and anti-tumor agents
  • New molecular therapies

What is the methodology used?
The student will have access to online classes and tutoring. Teachers are available during the course to clarify any questions that the students may have. Each subject will end with an online test. The number of students are limited to ensure the personalization needed.

How to apply?
Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in a biomedical area. You need to send your updated CV, in order to be evaluated by the Academic Board for admission in the program.

What is the cost of the program?

Total cost is 6.900 € paid in 3 instalments.
First instalment 2.900€: before June 20th.
Second instalment 2.000€: before July 20th.
Third instalment 2.000€: before September 15th.
12-month financing available without surcharge.
Payments are not refundable.

​​​​​​​Further informatation can be found on the webpage




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