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About ESCO

Our mission

ESCO is committed to guiding oncologists (medical, radiation and surgical) through their career and enabling them to achieve and maintain a high standard of care and professional success.

Why set up a college?

Helping oncologists develop their skills and experience, and speeding the transfer of knowledge from research centres to daily practice, has always been central to ESO’s efforts to improve the care provided to cancer patients.

Since 1982, ESO has offered young oncologists an expanding array of educational opportunities, from oncology basics to specialist courses and fellowships, delivered face to face or online. In 2020, ESO set up the ESCO College to organise those educational offerings into a structured pathway.

Whether you are a medical student thinking about specialising in oncology, a qualified oncologist preparing for your national board exam or a specialised oncologist looking for further experience and qualifications, the ESCO educational pathway has something that can enhance your professional journey.

Many of today’s European oncology leaders started their careers with an ESO course or event and have then gone on to become members of the ESO Faculty. Keeping in this tradition, ESO will help create the clinical leaders of tomorrow.




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